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Terms of Service


We retain the right to modify these Terms of Service occasionally without providing you any prior notice. You agree that you must periodically review this website/platform and these Terms of Service and be aware of any updates. If we make changes to these Terms, we’ll let you know by sending you an email, posting a notice on the Websites/platforms, or simply revising the “Last Updated” date at the top of these Terms. You acknowledge your acceptance of the updated Terms and all terms incorporated herein by reference by continuing to access or use the Websites/platforms or order, receive, or use Products.

Your continued use of this website/platform following any such adjustments will signify that you agree to the updated Terms of Service and that you acknowledge and agree to be bound by them. 

You may not order, receive, or utilize the meal ordering option or other available items through the Websites/platforms if you do not agree to these Terms (collectively, the “Products”).

The references to “Affiliates” in these Terms of Service refer to our owners, subsidiaries, affiliated businesses, officers, directors, suppliers, partners, sponsors, and advertisers, as well as (without limitation) all parties involved in developing, producing, and/or delivering this website/platform and/or its contents.¬†

Any other agreement with us about products, services, or other matters is not affected by these Terms. Suppose you are using the Websites/platforms on behalf of another person or entity. In that case, you represent and warrant that you are allowed to accept these Terms on their behalf and that the person or entity agrees to be liable to us for any violations of these Terms by you or the other person or entity.

1. Participation

By using and participating in the Website/platform’s Services and ordering its Products that you are of legal age to be doing so. Users and visitors to the website/platform are not meant for use by anyone under 18, and neither are the websites/platforms. By using the Websites/platforms, you affirm and warrant that you are:

  • ¬†At least 18 years old.
  • 2. Have not previously had their access to the websites or platforms suspended or terminated.
  • ¬†Possess all necessary authority to enter into these Terms, and you won’t break any other agreements to which you are a party by using the Websites or platforms.
  • Registration and Account

You must register for a Go Clean Meal account to access and utilize some services, areas, or features of the Websites/platforms. By filling out our online registration forms, which ask for specific information and data (“Registration Data”).¬†

By making an account, you agree to the following obligations:

  • Providing current and accurate account information.
  • Maintaining all information in your action and promptly updating it as needed.
  • Keep your account information private and secure, including but not limited to the credentials.

Accept complete responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of any third party who has access to the Websites/platforms on your account and behalf. By creating a Go Clean Meal account, you agree to receive electronic communications from us using your Registration Data, including emails, text messages, pop-up windows, and other communication methods. These messages, which are a part of your relationship with us, may contain notices regarding your account (such as authorizations for payments, password modifications, and other transactional data). You acknowledge and agree that any notices, agreements, disclosures, or other communications we transmit to you electronically satisfy any written communication requirement in any applicable law. You should print or save an electronic copy of any electronic correspondence you receive from us to keep a copy on file. Additionally, we might send you marketing materials through email or text messages, such as newsletters, limited-time offers, surveys, CleanPoints updates, and other news and information we think you’ll find interesting. By applying the unsubscribe instructions included in each promotional email or sending an email to unsuscribe@gocleanmeals.com, you may choose not to receive them at any time.

2. Terms of Sale

2.1. Meal Orders, Re-Orders, and Cancellation Policy.

Subscription meals. When signed into your account, you can easily reorder the same meals as your prior purchase among our other meal ordering alternatives. The amount you are charged may fluctuate weekly depending on any specials that may alter or price modifications made at Go Clean Meal’s exclusive discretion. The quantity of meals you receive is determined by how many you Order or Reorder. The shipping and handling charges that apply and the timing of your meals may be affected by modifications to your order or other choices you may make (such as how many meals you receive, delivery options, add-ons, and more). As we do not currently distribute meals to every region, please check our website page to see the availability in your area.

2.2. Gifts Cards

Go Clean Meal may offer gift cards. By purchasing or redeeming a Go Clean Meal gift card, you agree to terms of service.

2.3 GoClean Gift Shop

The Go Clean Gift Shop is an online marketplace where you can purchase various Go Clean Meal merchandise and other Products from us. For more information, please visit the Go Clean Gift Shop webpage.

2.4. Payment and Billing Information

By using a credit card or another form of payment that we accept, You affirm that you have permission to do so and give us (or our third-party payment processor) permission to charge that payment method for the total cost of your subscription or other purchase, including any taxes and additional fees that may apply (collectively, as applicable, an “Order”). Your order can be suspended or canceled if the payment method cannot be verified, is invalid, or is in any other way unacceptable. Any issues with your payment method must be resolved before we can process your order. You may log into your account at any time to modify or update your payment method information. Suppose payment is not successfully settled, and you do not edit your payment method information or cancel your order or account. In that instance, you permit us to continue charging the payment method as it may be modified and agree to stay liable for any unpaid sums.¬†

You agree that the amount charged may change as a result of special promotions, preferences you choose, modifications you make to your Orders, or adjustments to applicable taxes or other charges, and you give us (or our third-party payment processor) permission to charge your payment method the appropriate sum. 

Let’s say you challenge a legitimate and permitted transaction, but the credit card company rejects your challenge. In that instance, you consent to our charging your card on file for a $100.00 dispute processing fee.

2.5. Pricing and Availability

All prices are marked in U.S. dollars and include any necessary additional fees and taxes. We retain the right to alter our prices whenever we see fit, without prior notice, and at our sole discretion. However, we won’t be able to let you know if any applicable taxes change.

Every one of our Products is contingent upon availability, and we reserve the right to impose quantity restrictions on any Order, to reject all or a portion of an Order, to stop selling certain Products, and to substitute Products (including, but not limited to, particular meal ingredients or entire meals) without prior notice. We work hard to deliver you high-quality Products. Still, occasionally we may need to substitute due to the perishable nature of some Products and market circumstances beyond our control. Please get in touch with us, when appropriate, at info@gocleanmeals.com if you’re not happy with a substitution.

2.6. Taxes

When Products are delivered to states where we believe we are required to collect sales tax, we will. You acknowledge that the taxes listed at checkout may change if an item is subject to sales tax. This could be brought on by many things, including variations in processing programs and adjustments to rates of tax.

2.7. Shipping and Handling

Any shipping and handling fees are agreed to be paid by you at the time you make a purchase. Occasionally, we reserve the right to raise, lower, add, or remove shipping and handling fees; nevertheless, we will always let you know about the costs that apply to your order before placing it. The Websites’/platforms’ estimated shipping dates are the only ones available. Actual delivery times could change. You acknowledge that you will not directly procure or ship a product for export.

2.8. Deliveries

You are in charge of checking all of the Products you get from us upon delivery for any damage or other problems. Additionally, you are the only one who can judge whether the Products you receive are fresh. We advise using a thermometer to check that any meat, poultry, or shellfish product has an interior temperature of 40¬į F or less. Contact us at support@gocleanmeals.com and reject the item if, in the unlikely event that this temperature is above 40¬į F or if you have any other cause to feel that any other Product in your delivery is unfit for ingestion.

Within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery, you must get in touch with us; else, your claim will be waived. We advise that you promptly place all perishable Products in the refrigerator after delivery to preserve their freshness and integrity. You may review the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (“U.S.D.A.”) guidelines on refrigeration and food safety. We advise that you adhere to the U.S.D.A.’s procedures for handling food safely, which are available here. To ensure that all meat, poultry, fish, and other applicable foods are heated to the U.S.D.A.’s advised internal temperatures, which can be found here, we also advise using a food thermometer.

The risk of contracting a foodborne illness may rise if appropriate food handling procedures and temperature standards are not followed. Review the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s suggestions on food consumption for at-risk populations. Pregnant women, small children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems should also abide by these recommendations.

When your meal delivery arrives and you are not home, the courier will typically leave the package at your door. According to the season and temperature in your area at the time of delivery, our meals are packaged with insulated lid eco-friendly containers. They will typically stay cold and fresh for several hours. Still, you should plan ahead for immediate and appropriate storage of your meal or product before consumption. Any person at the delivery address who accepts a delivery from us has the proper authorization to do so.

In situations where you have chosen a different recipient, that person must accept the delivery under the same rules that would be in place if you had received it. 

Suppose bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances make it impossible for us to fulfill your order. In that case, we will make every effort to do so as soon as it is practical. Delivery could sometimes take place before the stated delivery date. We shall cancel your delivery for the time in question and give you credit (as defined below) or a refund of the purchase price for that delivery if timely delivery of your product is not possible.

2.9. No Resale

You are not allowed to sell the Products or use them in any other way for profit.

2.10. Returns, Replacements, Refunds, and Credits

Please email us at support@gocleanmeals.com within twenty-four (24) hours of the day you received the goods if you are unhappy with them for any reason. Go Clean Meal will investigate the reasons for your discontent and, in its sole discretion, may either entirely or partially replace the goods, give you a credit that can be used toward future deliveries, or completely reject your complaint. Please email us at support@gocleanmeals.com within twenty-four (24) hours of the date you received the goods if any product you order arrives damaged. Along with your email, you must include photographic evidence of the damage. Go Clean Meal will examine the circumstances surrounding your claim for a damaged product and, in discretion, either replace the product, give you a partial or full reimbursement, give you merchandise credit that can be used toward future deliveries, or completely reject your complaint.

By contacting support@gocleanmeals.com and following the shipping instructions we provide, you can return any non-food or beverage Product you bought through the Go Clean Gift Shop within fifteen (15) days of the date you received it if you’re not happy with it. However, all returned Products must be unopened and in their original packaging. We will give you a refund for the price you paid for that product after we receive the returned item (less any applicable shipping and handling charges). Before the returned product is received at our center or us, as appropriate, Go Clean Meal does not acquire rights to it. Credits are only kept active if you keep your account active and your billing details accurate. This implies that any remaining Credits linked to your terminated account will immediately disappear if you cancel your Account, Go Clean Meal cancels your account for any reason or both. Only after Credits have been applied to your account are they redeemable. Please email us at support@gocleanmeals.com if, for any reason, you think there is an error with your Credit balance. Our sole discretion shall be used to make all decisions about your Credit balance, and such decisions are binding.

3. Intellectual Property Information and License to Access and Use Our Websites/platforms and content

For the purposes of these Terms of Service, “content” refers to any data, messages, software, images, videos, graphics, music, sounds, and other products and services that users of our website or platform can access. This includes message boards, chat, and other original content but is not restricted to them. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you understand and agree that all content given to you on this website/platform is owned by Go Clean Meal and/or its Affiliates and is covered by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, and other proprietary rights and laws. You are only allowed to use the content in ways that have been approved by the content supplier or us. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission before using any copyrighted material that is available on this website/platform. You are not permitted to copy, reproduce, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any documents or information from this website/platform in any form or by any means, aside from a single copy made for personal use only. Any unlawful use of the materials on this website/platform may be against the law, in violation of copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws, and may be punished legally, either criminally or civilly. We neither guarantee nor represent that your use of any materials found on or downloaded through this website/platform will not violate the rights of any third parties, and neither do our affiliates. For a summary of the steps to take in the event that any party suspects that anything published on this website/platform violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other property rights of any party, see “User Conduct and Content” below. Go Clean Meal or its affiliates are the registered owners of all custom graphics, icons, logos, and service names. The owners of all other trademarks and service marks are solely responsible for them. No permission to use any trademark, service mark, logo, or name of Go Clean Meal or its Affiliates is granted to you by these Terms of Service. The Go Clean Meal service that is offered on this website/platform incorporates concepts, software, and procedures that are covered by pending patent applications in the United States. We also plan to draft and submit further patent applications in particular international jurisdictions. A restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use the Websites/platforms and content is now provided to you.

 This license, however, is constrained by these Terms and excludes the rights to: (a) distribute, publicly perform, or publicly display any Content; (b) modify or otherwise make any derivative uses of the Websites/platforms or content, or any portion thereof; (c) use any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering or extraction methods; or (e) download (other than page caching) any portion of the Websites/platforms or content. Without our prior written consent, any use of the Websites/platforms or the content other than what is expressly permitted above is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of the license granted herein. Such illegal use can also be against the law, including relevant copyright and trademark laws as well as any communications laws and regulations. Nothing in these Terms, whether by estoppel, implication, or otherwise, shall be taken to provide any right or other proprietary rights of Go Clean Meal or any third party, unless expressly stated by us. This permission may be revoked at any moment.

4. User Conduct and Content

You acknowledge that while accessing or using the Websites/platforms, you are solely responsible for your behavior and that you will not break any laws, contracts, intellectual property rights, or other third-party rights. You acknowledge that the Terms and any relevant local, state, or federal laws and regulations may forbid you from using the website or platform for a particular purpose. You acknowledge that these Terms bind you and that you will not:

Use a User Name that is the identification of someone else with the intent to impersonate that person; create any account for anyone other than yourself without that person’s consent; use a Username or account that is subject to any rights of any other person other than yourself without proper authorization; or use a User Name that is any other name that is offensive, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise unlawful.¬†

You must not act in any way or allow anybody else to work on your behalf by using your account, including:

  • ¬†is blatantly offensive or encourages racism, bigotry, hatred, or any other form of physical harm against any group or individual;
  • is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or libelous;
  • takes advantage of people sexually or violently;
  • contains offensive, violent, or nudity subject matter or contains a link to an adult website;
  • solicited;
  • contains password-protected pages, hidden images, or restricted or password-only access pages;
  • furthers or promotes any criminal enterprise activity or offers instructional information about illegal activities;
  • solicits passwords or personally identifiable information from other users of this service for commercial or unlawful purposes;
  • includes a picture of someone else using the service;
  • contains computer codes, files, or programs that are intended to disrupt, damage, limit, or obstruct the proper operation of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment; damage any systems, data, passwords, or other information belonging to GoCleanMeals.Com or any third party; or impersonate any person or organization, including any employee or representative of GoCleanMeals.Com.
  • Engage in any harassment, threatening, intimidating, predatory, or stalking behavior;
  • Attempt to get around any content-filtering measures we use;
  • Attempt to access a feature or area of the Web.
  • Use the Websites/platforms in any way that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or prevent other users from thoroughly enjoying the Websites/platforms.
  • Access the Websites/platforms through the use of any robot, spider, crawler, scraper, script, browser extension, offline reader, or other automated means or interface that has not been granted permission by us to access the Websites/platforms, extract data, or otherwise interfere with or change how the Websites/platforms function; Go Clean Meal is not required to keep an eye on the website/platform, service, content, or user contributions (defined below).¬†

Please be advised that your carrier’s standard rates and costs, such as text messaging and data charges, will still apply if you use a mobile device. You agree to update your account information on the Service within forty-eight (48) hours of changing or deactivating your mobile phone number.

The websites and platforms may have interactive elements and sections where users can post, share, or save content, such as text and reviews, but not only those (collectively, “User Content”). You acknowledge that your User Content will be viewed by others in accordance with the privacy agreement if you choose to share it with others through the Websites/platforms or third-party platforms. You acknowledge that your usage of any interactive elements or parts of the Websites/platforms, as well as any User Content, is completely your responsibility.

You further agree not to produce, publish, share, or store any of the following by utilizing the interactive features and areas of the Websites/platforms: 

User Content that would constitute, encourage, or recommend a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party or otherwise give rise to liability, violate any local, state, national, or international law; User Content that is unlawful, libelous, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, invasive of privacy or publicity rights; 

By using the interactive features of Websites/platforms, you further agree not to create, publish, distribute, or store any of the following: 

User Content that would break any local, state, national, or international law, violate someone else’s rights, encourage or recommend crime, or otherwise put them in danger; User Content that violates the law, is defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invades a person’s privacy, or otherwise violates their right to publicity; or

  • User Content that, in our judgment, is unpleasant or prevents or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the service;
  • User Content that contains any unsolicited political campaigning, advertising, or solicitations;
  • User Content that, without the consent of the third party, contains any private or personal information about the third party;
  • User Content that contains any viruses, harmful, disruptive, or other corrupted data, or destructive files.

You are solely responsible for making a backup copy of any User Content you post or store on the Websites/platforms and replacing any lost or destroyed copies at your own cost and expense, even though we are under no obligation to screen edit, or monitor User Content. We also reserve the right to remove, screen, or edit any User Content posted or stored on the Websites/platforms at any time and for any reason.

5. Rights in User Content

You are welcome to contribute your content and comments in accordance with this agreement because the Website/platform is interactive. You will continue to control the intellectual property rights to the content you upload, and it will remain your property. It is clear that we make no claims of ownership with regard to your User Content; however, by adding, publishing, or submitting User Content to the Websites/platforms, as well as to our pages or feeds on outside social media networks. You hereby grant us the right and permission to use, reproduce, edit, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, perform, and publicly display all or any part of your User Content in any way. This license is non-exclusive, royalty-free, global, perpetual, and fully sublicensable., as well as your name, likeness, voice, media, and for any purpose and or persona in any manner whatsoever in our sole discretion, including, without limitation.

It is further understood that by uploading, submitting, or posting content on our site, pages, or feeds, you warrant and represent that:

  1. The User Content is non-confidential.
  2. You are the sole owner of the User Content or otherwise possess all rights necessary for you to post the User Content.
  3. You are granting Go Clean Meal permission to use the User Content in accordance with these Terms.
  4. The User Content does not violate Section Four.

6. Indemnification

You agree to hold GoCleanMeals.Com, its affiliates, and each of their officers, directors, representatives, agents, and employees (collectively, the “Indemnitees”) harmless from and against any and all liability, damages, and costs (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees), that result from or are related to your access to, use of, or misuse of, the website/platform, service, content, or other aspects of your user submission. GoCleanMeals.Com retains the right to assume the exclusive responsibility for the defense and management of any case for which you are required to indemnify it. Any dispute you resolve must have GoCleanMeals.Com’s approval. In defending against any allegation, you must provide all reasonable assistance.

7. Warranty Disclaimers

Without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or the security of non-infringement, all materials and services on this website/platform are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Without limiting the aforementioned, we do not warrant that the services or materials will meet your requirements, will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, will be that the results obtained from the use of the services or materials will be effective, accurate, or reliable, or will be that the quality of any products, services, or our affiliates will satisfy your requirements or be free from flaws, faults, or blunders.¬†

There may be typographical, factual, or technological errors on this website or platform. The information on this website/platform, including the pricing and descriptions of any items offered here, is subject to change at any moment without prior notice. We do not guarantee that the content or services on this website/platform will be up to date, and we make no obligation to do so; you acknowledge that use of the services and any downloading or other acquisition of materials through this website/platform is done at your own risk and discretion and that you will be entirely responsible for any resulting data loss or computer system damage. 

You could have the chance to conduct business with other users and suppliers through your usage of the website/platform. You agree that any agreements pertaining to the purchase, payment, warranties, guarantees, maintenance, and delivery of any goods or services supplied by any party are made solely between the seller or buyer of such goods and services and you.

You acknowledge and agree that any transactions you carry out through or in connection with our website/platform are done totally at your own risk because we offer no warranties about them. Any guarantee given in connection with any goods, services, information, or other materials from a third party that is made accessible on or via our website or platform is given only by that third party and not by us or another one of our affiliates. 

Review our Sales of Terms, which are included by reference in these Terms of Service, before making any purchases of goods or services on or via this website/platform.

The opinions and assessments expressed in the materials available through this website or platform frequently correspond to those of the information source, the user of the website or platform, or other unaffiliated person or organization. Any opinion, recommendation, or statement made by a person other than an official spokesperson who is acting in their official role is not supported by us, and we are not responsible for ensuring its correctness or dependability.

The safe and appropriate cleaning, handling, preparation, storage, cooking, use, and consumption of the items you get from us are exclusively your responsibility, and you undertake all associated risks. Additionally, you are entirely responsible for being aware of any possible food allergies you may have and for checking the items’ contents prior to handling, preparing, using, or ingesting them. Additionally, you understand, admit, and accept that we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not happen across items because we store, portion, and package products containing all eight main U.S. allergens (tree nuts, wheat, peanut, segg, soy, fish, shellfish, and milk).

We make an effort to appropriately represent the items, materials, and information you view on the websites/platforms, including price and nutritional data. We cannot, however, attest to the veracity of such items and information. If there is a mistake on one of our websites or platforms, in an order confirmation, during the processing or delivery of an order, or in any other way, we reserve the right to make the necessary corrections, revise your order (including charging the appropriate price), or cancel it and give you a refund. You also acknowledge that there may be differences between the goods and other materials you receive in your order and those shown on the websites or platforms due to a variety of reasons, such as but not limited to, the system limitations and order capabilities, manufacturing process or supply issues, the availability and variability of goods, various cooking or other preparation methods, and variations in cooking equipment and appliances. The websites and platforms could offer information about goods that aren’t offered everywhere. A product’s mention on one of the websites or platforms does not indicate or promise that it will be accessible where you are or when you place your order. Except as may be stated in a guarantee by the product’s manufacturer, all items, websites, platforms, and content are given “as is” and without any express or implied warranties of any kind. Go clean meal disclaims any additional warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement concerning the websites/platforms, content, and products, any warranties resulting from custom or trade usage, and any warranties that the websites/platforms or products will be free and clear of any encumbrances or security interests. Without prior notice and without incurring any duty or liability to you, we retain the right to update any content, as well as to modify, suspend, or discontinue providing access to the Websites/platforms (or any features or functionality of the Websites/platforms), and the Products. Any mention of any goods, services, procedures, or other information‚ÄĒby trade name, trademark, supplier, vendor, manufacturer, or otherwise‚ÄĒdoes not indicate or represent our sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of them or any association with them.

8. Limitation of Liability; Release

To the fullest extent allowed by law, in no event shall the go clean meal parties be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including, but not limited to, loss of revenue, income or profits, loss of use or data, loss or diminution in value of assets or securities, or damages for business interruption) arising out of or in any way connected with the access to or use of the websites/platforms or content (including, but not limited to, loss of revenue, income or profits , user content, third-party content, and links to third-party websites/platforms), or the order, receipt, or use of any product, or anything else connected to these terms (including, but not limited to, any damages brought on by or resulting from reliance on any information obtained from any go clean meal party, or by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Go Clean Meals parties, like website/platform outages, deletion of files or emails, errors or omissions, flaws, bugs, defects, or other problems, Regardless of the kind of claim, whether it is founded on a contract, tort (such as, including, but not limited to, basic negligence (whether actual, assumed, or ascribed), as well as any other legal or equitable standard.  

The maximum aggregate liability of the Go Clean Meal Parties (jointly) arising out of or in any way connected to (a) the order, receipt, or use of products purchased from Go Clean Meal shall in no event exceed the amount paid for such products; and (b) the order, receipt, or use of meal products, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, higher of $250 or the amount you paid to us in the one (1) month period immediately prior to the date on which your claim arose, or access or use of the websites/platforms or content. The restrictions above shall apply even if your available remedies fail in their essential purpose. Furthermore, regardless of the form of action, whether based on a contract, tort (including, but not limited to, simple negligence, whether active, passive, or imputed), or any other legal or equitable theory, the aforementioned restrictions shall constitute the Go Clean Meal parties’ sole liability and obligation in respect hereof. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby release, waive, acquit, discharge, and covenant not to sue the go clean meal parties from and against any and all claims you have or may have to arise out of or in any way connected to these terms on behalf of your heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and personal representatives.¬†

9. Modifications to the Websites/platforms and Products

The Websites/platforms (or any features or portions thereof) or the provision of the Products may be changed, suspended, or discontinued at any moment at our sole discretion.

10. Dispute Resolution; Arbitration

10.1 Governmental law, dispute resolution, and venue selection. 

Without giving effect to any statute or rule causing the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction, these Terms are governed by and interpreted in conformity with the laws of the State of New Jersey. Gocleanmeals.com and the user hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of and venue in any federal or state court of competent jurisdiction sitting in the State of New Jersey, subject to the arbitration procedures set out in this section, County of Bergen, with the exception of disputes that must be arbitrated, for the purpose of resolving any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms of Service or use of Services. 

Any dispute or controversy involving Go Clean Meal and the User that results from is related to or arises from these Terms of Service (and the terms and provisions therein), or the breach thereof, shall be submitted to and decided by arbitration in the State of New Jersey, County of Union, in accordance with the rules in effect at the time of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator’s decision will be final, conclusive, binding on all parties, and may be upheld in courts outside of the State of New Jersey. The parties to this agreement agree to submit to the County of Union’s jurisdiction. However, they may do so in any court with the appropriate authority. Despite those mentioned above, any party to this agreement may request interim or provisional equitable relief in a court listed in this section before an arbitration proceeding is started to enjoin the breach or threatened breach of any of the terms and provisions hereunder, without waiving his right to demand or proceed to arbitration herein.

The arbitrator or arbitrators shall not have the authority or power to modify or alter any express condition or provision of these Terms of Service to render an award that, by its terms, has the effect of changing or modifying any express condition or provision of this agreement, and any violation of this provision by the arbitrators shall be grounds for vacating the award. You and Go Clean Meal agree (a) to waive your and Go Clean Meal’s respective rights to have any Disputes arising from or related to these arbitrated. This provision does not apply to any actions arising from or related to a violation of intellectual property-seeking injunctive or other equitable relief for the alleged unlawful use of intellectual property, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, logos, trade secrets, or patents. Instead, you and Go Clean Meal concur that binding arbitration will be used to resolve disputes (which is the referral of a dispute to one or more persons charged with reviewing the dispute and making a final and binding determination to resolve it instead of having the dispute decided by a judge or jury in court).¬†

You and Go Clean Meal acknowledge that any dispute arising out of or relating to these terms, the websites/platforms, content, or products is unique to you and Go Clean Meal and will only be resolved through individual arbitration; it will not be brought as a class arbitration, class action, or in any other manner involving a group of people acting on behalf of all members of the group. You and Go Clean Meal concur that there won’t be any class arbitrations or arbitrations in which one person tries to settle a dispute on behalf of another person or group of people. Furthermore, you and Go Clean Meal concur that a dispute cannot be asserted as a class action or in any other representative proceeding, either within or outside of arbitration, or on behalf of any other person or entity.

You and Go Clean Meal agree that, to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. 1 et seq. (the “F.A.A.”), shall, in all respects, govern the interpretation and enforcement of this section as well as how these Terms influence interstate commerce.

Go Clean Meal reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Users will be notified in writing of any such revisions by a notice posted on the website or platform. A user’s continued use of the Services will signify that they accept the updated Terms.¬†

11. Remarks 

If a user has questions, concerns, or complaints, they should send a letter to gocleanmeals.com or file a ticket on the website or platform.

12. Severability

The remaining provisions of these Terms shall remain in effect if any court, arbitrator, or arbitration panel of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these Terms to be unenforceable, and the unenforceable provision shall be amended without further action by the parties and only to the extent necessary to achieve the same fundamental benefits, effect, and economic intent of such provision.

13. No rights to benefit from a third party 

Except as explicitly provided in this agreement, no person, company, corporation, partnership, business, entity, or business organization shall be considered a third-party beneficiary.

14. Complete Agreement 

The parties’ understanding of the subject matter of these Terms is entirely captured by these Terms, which replace any prior agreements or understandings, whether in writing or verbally, between the parties. The definitions given below apply to all capitalized terms. There are no additional rights between the parties, and none may be inferred from behavior or any other source.

15. Survival 

The provisions of these Terms, including but not limited to this section, the Liability Section, and the Confidentiality Section, which would survive termination or expiration of this agreement, shall survive any such termination or expiration.

16. Notices 

All notices required or permitted under these Terms must be made in writing. If to the user, the information must be sent to the address listed in his application or to any other address the user may specifically designate in writing to gocleanmeals.com. If to gocleanmeals.com, the notices must be sent to the company’s principal office or to any other location that gocleanmeals.com may establish in writing from time to time.

17. Any changes must be made in writing

Go Clean Meals shall not be bound by any amendment, supplementation, cancellation, or discharge of the Terms of Service unless such amendment, supplementation, cancellation, or discharge is in writing and is signed by an authorized official of gocleanmeals.com unless otherwise specified in these Terms.

18. Waiver

Any waivers by gocleanmeals.com of any of these Terms must be made in writing. GoCleanMeals.com shall not be deemed to have waived any right or privilege under these Terms by reason of any delay in exercising, omission to exercise, or partial or singular exercise of such right or license.

19. Notifications and Text Marketing 

You give us permission to send you text alerts (for your order, including abandoned cart reminders) and text marketing offers by providing your mobile number at the checkout and initiating a transaction, subscribing using our subscription form, or entering a keyword. No more than 30 text-marketing messages each month. You acknowledge that no purchase is subject to your giving your approval. You can reply to every mobile message we send you with STOP to stop getting text marketing messages and notifications, or you can use the unsubscribe link we’ve included in every message we send you. You recognize and acknowledge that other ways to opt-out, such as utilizing other terms or requests, will not be taken into consideration as a valid way to do so. Data and message fees can be charged. Please text HELP to the number you received the messages from if you have any queries. For further information, you may also get in touch with us. Please use the steps mentioned above if you want to opt out.

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